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I am a multi-dimensional mentor who activates global entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses within their alignment, and purest power.

This mentorshop container will be about business, and so much more. I am very often the grounding support for entrepreneurs who are flying so fucking high, and desire the type of resonating conversations that can only happen with someone who has walked the path you are on.

As a Manifestor Coach and Mentor, our journey together will be full of expansion and activation, and of access to my other-worldly wisdom and healing codes. 


Please email [email protected] for the investment & package pdf download


Please Note:

These containers are best suited to someone who is ready to light shit up, who deeply knows themselves, and who already knows that our work together will impact you greatly.


If you'd like to work together on a rapid-fire basis here are your options:

  • HDxBiz Money Activation one-off Sessions - book below
  • Business Consulting (click here)