In this workshop I teach you the process of setting and actually achieving your bat shit crazy vision for the year - a process that I have mastered over the past 5 years. 

In December 2019 on my vision¬†board,¬†I wrote ‚ÄėI‚Äôm so thankful for my $333,333k year‚Äô ‚Äď at the time, my¬†bat shit crazy, ‚Äėshouldn‚Äôt have happened‚Äô goal. At the time I was making around $1,000 per month in my coaching business, and it was extremely inconsistent. In September of 2020 we crossed over $333,333k for the year. I literally could not believe it.¬†


In December of 2020 I put on my vision board that¬†‚ÄėI am so¬†thankful¬†for my¬†million dollar¬†year‚Äô. It made¬†absolutely¬†no sense.¬†There was no 3D evidence that it would or could happen.¬†It was just a desire in my heart portal.¬†But¬†happen¬†it did‚Ķ.¬†In¬†September of 2021¬†Angharad Sage¬†became an online¬†million-dollar¬†brand! Then 10 weeks later I had another million in the bag!¬†Like what what?!?!


This process works. And it works fucking well. 


I had intended to sell this Vision Workshop for $222¬†USD¬†‚Ästit‚Äôs value is truly worth far more¬†because of the precipitation effect this will have into your life,¬†but as part of my service to the world I have slashed it down to $66 USD.¬†

You get lifetime access to this workshop, and I know you will come back year after year to re-watch and re-calibrate every time you desire to set yourself a new vision. This process I teach you has made me a multi-millionaire business owner and founder, and also a multi-millionaire in net worth as well. 


I will not only teach you step by step as to how to create an epic digital vision board for free, but also teach you the energetics of HOW to achieve the bat shit crazy goals you have in your heart. You will walk away feeling so fucking activated by your own inner being and desires! 


I am seriously so fucking excited to see you get your hands on this work. Please tag me in your vision board you create on Instagram!!! 


All the love, 

Angharad Sage xx