This is why you're drawn to (You)niversity:

  1. You struggle with duality and polarity and feel like you’re failing
  2. You know so much about your cosmic and limitless nature BUT you struggle to see all your desire precipitate into your 3D reality 
  3. and/or You want to know HOW to be the creator of your life and this 3D matrix because you have no fucking idea how to be that person 
  4. You feel like you’re missing a bit of ‘something-something’ in your life, and you yearn for that decadence that comes from a deep connection inside your cosmic truth that lays within YOU. 
  5. You feel the magic of mystery from deep inside yourself and you have real idea why you're being drawn into this offer… but you wholly trust the magic.

One thing I know for certain - â€¯you are drawn to me and my work because of the freedom and artistic power that I emit. I have learned so many things on my journey of being the direct opposite to this (struggling with mental health, co-dependent, so stuck in a life that was absolutely sucking my soul) and I’m here to activate your own ability to code your matrix, wholly and fully for your divine sovereignty. 

This is powerful work, and when you’re ready I welcome you into my activation portal of the truest creatrix within you: (You)niversity 

This is an instant, lifetime access, self-study program


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